May 152014
My Simple Weight Loss Plan

By last fall, I had put on 17 lbs. of excess weight. This weight was a product of depression, becoming sedentary, and being stressed. Now add to that me having little knowledge of how to control my weight, and I was a balloon waiting to blow up.

I had gained and lost weight time and time again, but had not discovered the secret to maintaining my ideal weight (within 5 lbs.). Then, one of my very close friends recommended the app “myfitnesspal” and I began using it.

This was a life-changer.

May 102014
The Replay Button

You know how it is, you hear a song you like and you push the replay button, or you’re watching a video and you push the replay button. You play it again and again until you know it by heart. Unfortunately, many of us hit the replay button when bad things happen—we play it again and again in our minds and just won’t let it go.

The dangers of hitting the replay button in your mind is that you are actually ruminating, or worrying, about whatever it is. You begin to relive it over and over, time and time again. This replay can cause stress, depression, obesity, a loss of present time, a loss of future time, unhappiness, feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness, physical pain, emotional pain, disease, anger, frustration, envy, jealousy, dementia…and the list actually could go on and on.

Apr 302014
5 Ways We Women Devalue Ourselves (And Don't Even Realize It!)

When men, employers, members of an organization, etc. look at us, they look not only at our physical presentation, but also how we behave, our reputation, and what we bring to the table, then decide whether or not we are “worth it.”

So, while God values us, people may not, and many times it’s our own fault. Here are 5 common ways we women devalue ourselves and some simple suggestions for remedying it.

Apr 242014
8 Ways to Stop Sleeping With A Broken Heart

It hurts. It feels like someone has just ripped your heart right out of your chest. You feel like you just can’t go on, like every minute of every day is a reminder of the pain you feel–as if you could forget it. You don’t want to do anything, eat anything, go anyway with anybody. You just want to be left alone. And alone, you find yourself thinking more and feeling more. You just want to escape the pain…possibly sleep it away. But, the pain doesn’t end…until it does. And in order to get the pain to subside, even just a little, you have to get mad and DECIDE that enough is enough and you will not let this pain beat you. Pain will no longer be your bedfellow and you WILL stop sleeping with a broken heart. Here’s how I did it….