Faith to the Other Side

There was a time when all I had was my God, my mom, my baby daughter, and my faith. Of course I had my ride or die friends, but we were all young and they were trying to make it, just like I was. But, being in my early twenties, with a new baby, I was a Christian, but obviously not perfect. I was saved since an early age, so I always knew about God, but I didn’t KNOW Him, and had actually only heard Him speak to me a few times…that I could remember. Being a new mom, I wanted to do everything for my child; I wanted to be a great mom. But, I wasn’t equipped. I was a college graduate, but I worked at a hotel making very little money. And this is when I began to see God moving in my life.Continue Reading…

The Standard of Loving

Mostly all of us are familiar with the concept of Standard of Living, which generally refers to the level of comfort, goods, necessities, and wealth that are available to a particular class of people. But how many of us even consider our own Standard of Loving?

The Standard of Loving refers to your ability to give and receive love in a romantic relationship.

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Strong, Separated, and Celibate

I know that marriage is designed by God. I know that it is His will for His people to be fulfilled in their marriages. I know that God does not like divorce, but it is permitted. But what I find interesting is that the Bible doesn’t really talk about separation. Knowing the little I know about the Bible, and from what I know about God, it’s safe to say that He doesn’t like separation either.

But, now that I am separated for the second time in my very troubled marriage, I have to say that I have a renewed mind regarding my perspective on many things, particularly the topic of love and God’s will for my life. I am learning to find answers and guidance from the Bible during this particular chapter in my life and I must say that it has been quite helpful. Continue Reading…

What If…It’s Really Small?

Now get your head out of the gutter! LOL I’m talking about PERCEPTION. What if what you think is SO BIG is really so small? When you think about your problems, your heartaches, or that thing that made you angry, frustrated, or vengeful, you may tend to get all worked up. You may analyze it (a few times), stress over it, worry about it, and a few hours, days, months, or even years later, you have put so much emphasis on it–assigned so much time and energy to it–that you have

allowed it to change you.

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Your Success With ANYTHING Can Depend On This ONE Thing

You may be a very talented athlete. You may be a gifted speaker. You may be a creative artist. You may have a brilliant mind for business ideas. You may even believe yourself to be a wonderful spouse. But you may not be successful in these areas if you are unwilling to be TAUGHT. Not if you are unwilling to learn; if you are unwilling to be TAUGHT.

There’s a difference.

And this difference can either be an obstacle to your success, or lead you to it.

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